Hyun Bin Wows Netizens After Maintaining His Perfectly Built Body Despite Being A Married Man

Recently, VAST Entertainment – Hyun Bin ‘s management company posted behind-the-scenes moments in the promotional photoshoot that his wife Son Ye Jin has just done for a major fashion brand.

It is known that this is also the brand that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin represent. In a series of new behind-the-scenes moments, Hyun Bin makes fans flutter and admire when fully showing off his superb appearance.

Before that, there was a time after getting married, Hyun Bin was commented to have gained more weight than before.

Hyun Bin is the most popular “marshal” in Kbiz
Even though he is married, Hyun Bin’s excellent appearance still makes fans “crushed”

But when looking at this new series of images, many people immediately “turned the car” when thinking that Hyun Bin quickly regained his perfect appearance.

Even after becoming “someone’s husband”, Hyun Bin still maintains his form.

The proof is that just looking at these behind-the-scenes photos of Son Ye Jin’s husband is enough to make fans “crush”.



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