3 Korean Celebrity Couples Who Are Also Called “Real Estate Giants”

In addition to their success in the field of acting, these famous Korean celebrity couples also own a “huge” fortune thanks to the real estate business. Husband and wife Kim Tae Hee – Bi Rain , Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin and Kwon Sang Woo – Son Tae Young are couples called “real estate giants” by the audience.

Kim Tae Hee – Rain

Rain and Kim Tae Hee are both stars with solid positions in the Korean entertainment industry, having been active in the arts for a long time, so it is understandable that both of them possess a large fortune. However, the couple’s larger source of income comes from the real estate business.

On Korean news sites, many experts say that Kim Tae Hee and Rain are quick-witted people with smart investments, thanks to which the couple’s assets continuously increase year by year.

According to statistics of Entertainment Weekly Live  (KBS), husband and wife Kim Tae Hee – Rain own a fortune of 81.4 billion won (equivalent to nearly 1700 billion VND).

In addition, they are owning many high-value properties including a villa worth USD 11.1 million (VND 257 billion) and a building worth USD 22.2 million (VND 514 billion). Both houses are located in the high-class Cheongdamdong area in Seoul, South Korea. The famous couple also bought 2 expensive villas in Hannam The Hill area to give to their parents.

Son Ye Jin – Hyun Bin

The two stars of the movie ” Crash Landing on You “ are also known by the public as a “super-rich” couple in the Korean entertainment industry. Both have a long time working in showbiz, making “huge” money through acting work and advertising contracts.

Like husband and wife Kim Tae Hee – Bi Rain, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin own a huge amount of property, especially real estate, after moving into the same house.

Son Ye Jin is quite “cool” and has achieved success in the real estate business. She owns a commercial building worth 14.4 million USD (more than 332 billion VND) located in Gangnam district, Seoul. In addition, the actress has a house located in the land of the Korean elite, worth about 180 billion VND.

Hyun Bin also owns an apartment in the super luxury villa area Mark Hills in Heukseok-dong. The actor’s apartment costs about 61 billion VND. Mnet ‘s TMI News Show once revealed that Hyun Bin bought a luxury villa in 2009 for 2.70 billion won (nearly 50 billion dong) and sold it in 2020 for 4.0 billion won (more than 4 billion won) 73 billion dong) with a profit of more than 30 billion dong.

The actor also bought a duplex apartment for 4.80 billion won (about 88 billion VND) and is using this apartment as an office for the company. The price of this apartment is currently said to be 10.0 billion won (more than 183 billion dong).

At the end of 2021, Hyun Bin bought a penthouse for about 4.8 billion won (nearly 100 billion VND) to make a home with Son Ye Jin after getting married.

Kwon Sang Woo – Son Tae Young

The total assets of actor Stairway to Heaven Kwon Sang Woo and his wife are up to more than 1300 billion VND (statisticed in 2020).

As one of Korea’s top actors, Kwon Sang Woo’s ability to make money is unquestionable, but he also got rich quickly through the real estate business.

After getting married with Son Tae Young, Kwon Sang Woo built a 7-storey building in Bundang, Seongnam worth 20 billion won (365 billion VND) and a 4-storey building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, Seoul worth 5.8 billion won (106 billion VND) to give to his wife’s birthday.

The actor also bought his wife a penthouse at the Gold Coast resort in Australia, worth 1.7 billion won (about 31 billion VND). He also owns a factory in Seongdong district, Seoul with a value of 8 billion won (about 146 billion VND).



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