LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam Suffers “Psychological Harm” Due to “False Rumors”; LE SSERAFIM To Promote As 5 Members

LE SSERAFIM Kim Ga Ram, who was caught up in allegations of school violence, will temporarily suspend her activities.

On the 20th, HYBE and Source Music announced their position on the suspicion of school violence against LE SSERAFIM Kim Ga Ram through an official press release.

The agency said, “As if Kim Ga Ram was a one-sided perpetrator of school violence involving physical violence over a long period of time on social media and in some communities, distorted claims are constantly being raised, and only one side’s position is conveyed, so the suspicions that have been raised thus far have been resolved. We want to correct it“.

Next, Kim Ga Ram said that she was referred to the “School Violence Committee” after protesting about the unfairness that her friend suffered.

The agency explained, “Kim Ga Ram became a victim of school violence such as cyberbullying after being disposed of in the first year of middle school, but since then has been steadily working towards her dream and future“.

During the debut process, she was attacked by all kinds of rumors, and because of this, she have suffered psychologically“, the agency said.

Previously, Kim Ga Ram had been embroiled in allegations of school violence since last April, before her debut as LE SSERAFIM.

After the personal teaser photo of Kim Ga Ram was released, articles claiming that Kim Ga Ram was the perpetrator of school violence were posted one after another on various social media and online communities.

According to the agency’s claim, until recently, Kim Ga Ram suffered from rumors such as “I went to school forcibly“, “She hit a friend’s head with a flowerpot“, and “She used to drink and smoke“.

The agency added, “Until Kim Ga Ram recovers and returns, LE SSERAFIM plans to work as a five-member system for the time being“.

Finally, the agency apologized for the delay, saying, “It happened in a complicated background when she was in the first year of middle school, but Kim Ga Ram herself is looking back on her immature behavior and is deeply reflecting. We ask for your generous understanding“.



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