Actress Jung Soo Jung Revealed That She Was Having A Hard Time To Focus On The Onsite Filming Of “Crazy Love”

Actor Jung Soo Jung revealed her responsibility as an actress.

Jung Soo Jung‘s Arena Homme Plus June issue cover and pictorial were released.

This pictorial with Polo Ralph Lauren is a concept that shows the present of her honest and confident Jung Soo Jung, and she created natural looks in her everyday space where natural light shines. 

In particular, it accurately captured the moments of Jung Soo Jung, who showed a strong gaze even in a pose lying down and disorganized. 

It is said that at the scene, Jung Soo Jung showed the side of a pictorial craftsman by overwhelming the atmosphere of the filming site with a bold pose.

In an interview after filming, she shared his thoughts on the ending of the recently ended KBS 2TV drama ‘Crazy Love‘. 

Jung Soo Jung said, “There are a lot of comical elements. There were times when she had to show that she was acting on purpose. So, I exaggerated 10 times more than what I expressed, made it a little more humorous, and made a funny scene with an exaggerated appearance. I put a lot of effort into balancing the natural and the exaggerated acting.”

In addition, when asked about the burden she has as an actress, Jung Soo Jung said, “On set, you just have to focus on that moment. When it comes to filming, I’m not the only one acting. The camera, the lighting, and everyone on the director’s site is focused on that moment together. Everyone works hard to be the best. So, I believe in people and I try to focus on acting.”

Meanwhile, Jung Soo Jung is cast in director Kim Ji Woon’s new movie ‘The Spider’s House’.


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