These 6 Korean Stars Have The Most Unusual Allergies You Might Not Know About

When spring arrives, some people have pollen allergies.

Furthermore, many people are unable to rear dogs owing to fur allergies, or they are unable to consume certain foods, such as dairy products and fruits.

Some celebrities have admitted that they are allergic to it, which has made followers feel sorry for them.

Among them, let’s meet 6 stars who are known to have unusual allergies.

Kim Dong Wook – “Sunshine Allergy”

Kim Dong Wook revealed on MBC FM4U‘s “FM Movie Music Jung Eun Chae” radio show that he is allergic to sunshine.

He also admitted on camera that he tanned 20 times while taking allergy medication while filming the drama “Hand the Guest.”

Kim Dong Wook acted heartily in the original TV drama “King of Pigs,” which premiered in March.

Hwang Min Hyun-“Dust allergy”

Hwang Min Hyun is well-known for his allergy to dust.

He went on MBC‘s “I Live Alone” and confessed that he was sensitive to dust while properly cleaning the house.

Hwang Min Hyun reportedly decided to act in the tvN drama “Marriage“.

BTS’ Jin – “Garlic and Potatoes Allergy”

Jin previously stated in his own entertainment content “Run BTS” that he could not eat garlic and potatoes well.

Jin, who used to like cooking, discovered he was allergic to garlic and had to abandon his passion.

Following a spectacular show in BTS Las Vegas, he is ramping up preparations for his June return.

Song Ji Hyo-“Western Medicine Allergy”

Song Ji Hyo revealed through her agency that she was allergic to Western medicine and could not get the COVID-19 vaccine.

She confessed that she had been taken to the emergency room since she was young because she was allergic to Western medicine.

Song Ji Hyo is currently active in SBS “Running Man“.

Kim Woo Seok-“Contact Lens Allergy”

Kim Woo Seok previously stated in a V LIVE broadcast with his followers that he is allergic to contact lenses and cannot use them for an extended period of time.

Fans hailed him for his good looks because he frequently unveiled himself wearing glasses instead of lenses.

Kim Woo Seok, a member of the idol group UP10TION, is active in the entertainment industry, having released a solo album and featured in dramas.

BTS’ V – “Choline Allergy”

V previously mentioned that he has a cholinergic allergy on Weverse, a platform where he engages with fans.

When the body gets a fever or is stressed, cholinergic allergy manifests as rashes.

V has suddenly become a global celebrity, having amassed over 40 million Instagram followers.



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