Netizens Were Surprised To See 2 PM’s Jun.K Being Eliminated In “King of Mask Singer”

2PM’s main vocal Jun.K, who first appeared on MBC’s ‘King of Mask Singer‘, unfortunately failed to advance to the second round.

In the MBC ‘King of Mask Singer‘, which was broadcast on the afternoon of March 15th, eight masked singers appeared to prevent the third consecutive victory of the singer ‘Reddy‘ and challenge themselves to become a new singer.

In the fourth confrontation of the first round, ‘Orangutan who came to catch Yellowy’ (Orangutan) and ‘A virtuous man who will steal the heart of your brother’s judges’ (Orabang) sang WINNER’s ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’.

As a result of the judging panel’s vote, Orabang advanced to the second round with a difference of 3 votes.

The orangutan, who was unfortunately eliminated, sang N1’s ‘Sick and Painful Name‘ and took off his mask to reveal his identity. 

The true identity of the orangutan was Jun.K.

Jun.K expressed his disappointment that he was eliminated in the first round. He said that if he had another chance next time, he would work harder to prepare and appear again.

After praising that he was surprised to hear the voice of Orabang, whom he had confronted with, he added that he was sorry for not being able to show a great stage.

Viewers who saw this also reacted as if they were greatly surprised when Jun.K, who is famous for his sweet voice, was quickly eliminated.

On this day, Jun.K has been 15 years since 2PM’s debut, and through this stage, he also expressed his wish that the MZ generation would know more about 2PM’s music.

Jun.K expressed his hope that he would continue to work hard on performances and songs in the future so that the public could hear good songs.

On the other hand, in the broadcast that day, in addition to Jun-K, actor Lee Yeon Kyung, comedian Kim Ji Sun, and table tennis director Ahn Jae Hyung appeared on a colorful stage.



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