MBC’s “Tomorrow” Sparks Online Debate On The Use Of BTS’ V’s Real Name In A “Very” Unusual Way

A claim has been raised that the real name and date of birth of BTS members were used in the list of the dead in the MBC drama “Tomorrow“.

On May 16th, on an online community, an article titled “Drama with BTS member’s real name and birthday written in the name of a dead person” was posted. The drama that has been controversial here is the MBC drama “Tomorrow” starring actors Kim Hee Sun, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Rowoon.

According to the post, the real name of BTS member V and the date of birth of Jungkook partially coincided with those written on the list of dead in the drama. 

If you look at the captured photos of the drama, the document called “Dead Access List” contains “Kim Tae Hyung, December 30, 1971“, “Kim Yu Rim, September 1, 1997“, etc. 

At this time, V‘s real name (Kim Tae Hyung), the month and date of birth (December 30), and Jungkook‘s name were not revealed, but the date of birth on September 1, 1997 coincided with a controversy. In particular, the autograph was “killed“, which drew more attention.

In response, some have raised suspicions that the production team has intentionally used the personal information of BTS members maliciously, and complaints are being made on the viewer’s bulletin board.

Some fans loudly criticized the drama production team, saying, “I wonder what the intention is. I need an explanation and an apology“, “Isn’t it too malicious“, and “They crossed the line”. However, another netizen also responded, “It’s not a perfect match, it’s like a coincidence“.

Meanwhile, “Tomorrow” is an underworld office fantasy that deals with the stories of grim reapers who guide the dead. Due to the nature of the drama, themes and materials about the “dead“, who are the dead, appear frequently.



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