Lim Young Woong And LE SSERAFIM Fans Demand Explanation For Possible Error In Score Total On “Music Bank”

There are a lot of protests over how KBS2‘s “Music Bank” scores are counted.

Recently, more than 30 petitions have been posted on the KBS viewer petition bulletin board to transparently disclose the exact calculation method of the “Music Bank” ranking starring Lim Young Woong

The number of viewers petitioning for transparency of “Music Bank” has surpassed 1,000 consent a day after the petition began.

In addition, numerous articles are being posted on the viewer bulletin board of “Music Bank” asking for the production team to explain the fairness of the rankings.

On KBS2‘s “Music Bank,” which aired earlier on the 13th, LE SSERAFIM‘s “FEARLESS” topped the second week of May, beating Lim Young Woong‘s “Can We Meet Again?”

Lim Young Woong and LE SSERAFIM scored 7,035 points and 7,881 points, respectively.

Lim Young Woong was far ahead of LE SSERAFIM in digital music and album scores, predicting the first place, but he scored 0 points in terms of the number of broadcast scores, 5348 points different from LE SSERAFIM, and eventually the first place went to LE SSERAFIM.

Music Bank” determines the ranking by adding scores of 60% of digital music, 20% of broadcasting, 10% of viewers’ preference, 5% of record sales, and 5% of social media every week.

Although the number of broadcasts is the second highest after digital music, Internet users question whether Lim Young Woong, who recorded overwhelming success in album initial sales and music charts on music sites, is justified in being pushed out of the rankings simply by the number of broadcasts.

Some angry netizens said, “This can’t happen on KBS, a public broadcaster“, and “The production team should explain exactly. The standards are also ambiguous. Please disclose the exact calculation details“.

Music Bank, which is under fire, has yet to provide any explanation.



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