(G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon Surprises Herself with Her Bare Face on “I Live Alone”

Jeon So Yeon of the group “(G)I-DLE” was taken aback by her bare face.

In MBC‘s entertainment program “I Live Alone“, which aired on May 13th, So Yeon‘s daily life, which enjoys living alone, was broadcasted.

On the same day, So Yeon reading comic books while eating breakfast was revealed through VCR.

So Yeon‘s innocent bare face, which reads comic books in plain pajamas without makeup, caught the eye.

Unlike when she usually wore dark idol makeup, So Yeon’s gentle impression was revealed and her unique charm stood out.

So Yeon, who was watching it in the studio, was constantly surprised to see her bare face.

So Yeon smiled, saying, “It’s my first time not wearing eye makeup on a broadcast“.

Comedian Park Na Rae praised So Yeon‘s bare face, saying, “She is so gentle and pretty“, and singer Hwasa expressed sympathy, saying that she has done so.

Internet users who heard the broadcast responded enthusiastically, saying that So Yeon‘s bare face is cute and pretty like a baby.

Meanwhile, So Yeon‘s weight, which was revealed on the same day, also drew attention.

So Yeon, who weighed herself as soon as she woke up in the morning, drew attention as she was shocked when 44.8kg appeared on the screen.

Despite the small number of physical games, So Yeon was surprised by saying, “I’m living on an inactive weight now“.



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