(G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon Shocks Fans With Her Unusual Kimchi Pancake Recipe … But There’s Actually A Reason Behind It

Jeon Soyeon of the group G-IDLE surprised fans with a special Kimchi Pancake recipe.

MBC‘s “I Live Alone,” which broadcast on May 13th, exposed for the first time Jeon Soyeon‘s six-month everyday routine. On this day, Jeon Soyeon drew attention by showing her unusual daily routine, in contrast to the perfect “all-around idol” image of writing lyrics, composing, and producing.

Jeon Soyeon, in particular, drew attention by revealing a recipe for Kimchi Pancake, which surprised all of the members of “I Live Alone.

Jeon Soyeon enhanced the pancake powder and began making Kimchi Pancakes. However, she surprised everyone by taking kimchi soup from the refrigerator instead of kimchi, which is the main ingredient of Kimchi Pancake.

I can’t eat kimchi because I don’t like veggies,” Jeon Soyeon admitted, adding, “Kimchi doesn’t go in the Kimchi Pancake I prepared; I make it with simply soup,” she boasted of her exclusive recipe.

In the past, when my mom cooked Kimchi Pancakes, there was no kimchi at the end, so I only ate that part,” she said, “but she seemed uncomfortable to see it, so she only put the soup in it except for kimchi.

Jeon Soyeon, who dislikes vegetables, refuses to eat kimchi with her ramen and orders her cheeseburger without all of the lettuce. When Park Na Rae couldn’t understand, Jeon Soyeon candidly admitted that she was simply seeking for meat, saying, “There was no trauma, but the feel of chewing veggies gives me shivers.

Concerned about the members, Jeon Soyeon presented the pancakes with only the kimchi soup dough.

Gian84, who witnessed the completion of the Kimchi Pancake after many twists and turns, made others laugh by remarking, “It looks like the ugliest Kimchi Pancake I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Viewers who tuned in eagerly commented with phrases like “meal without key ingredients,” “shocked from the visuals,” and “it’s like food for babies.”

Before her “kimchi-free” Kimchi Pancake, Jeon Soyeon drank mulberry wine she made four months ago. Contrary to expectations, Jeon Soyeon, who drank Soju, said, “I put soju in wine, and it tastes awful. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t know the alcohol barrier yet, but it wasn’t my style,” she added, laughing.



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