Brave Girls’ Yujeong Shares Her Thoughts On Death Threats Made Against Her

Yujeong, a member of the popular girl group Brave Girls, shares her struggles with malicious comments.

The members of KBS 2TV‘s entertainment program “I Am Not Alone” confessed the pain and overcoming experiences they had to endure as celebrities in episode 3, which aired today (May 14th).

Yujeong expressed her experiences of being hurt by malicious comments in the previous episode, while the members were discussing diet and malicious comments.

Yujeong hesitantly opened her mouth, claiming that the Brave Girls‘ popularity had “muffled” owing to a “chart reversal.” She was the subject of attention, receiving no reactions from netizens.

So I decided not to become a singer at all,” Yujeong added, “but suddenly I gained a lot of attention.

However, as the popularity of Brave Girls grew, so did the number of hateful comments.

Yujeong stunned everyone when she revealed the atrocities committed by malicious commentators, saying, “When they spotted us, they called us Pig Girls and sent threatening messages to kill us.”

Even after that, Yujeong‘s confession was expected to surprise the members, peak their interest.

The misery of the girl group members who had to bear the pouring of hateful comments for no cause broke the hearts of Brave Girls fans.

The third episode of “I Am Not Alone“, which features Yujeong‘s detailed concerns, will air on May 14th at 10:35 p.m.

Meanwhile, Brave Girls‘ agency, Brave Entertainment, said last year that it would pursue legal action against harmful posts in response to continuing defamation and malicious comments.

We have confirmed a number of hostile posts such as dissemination of fake facts and personal insults,” the management company stated. “We will take frequent legal action based on continual monitoring and reporting, and there will be no tolerance in the future“.



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