Bona Is Returning To WJSN In “Queendom 2” Next Week, And Fans Couldn’t Be More Excited

Go Yu Rim from “Twenty Five, Twenty One” appears to be making her “Queendom 2” debut next week!

The performances prepared by the participating artists for next week’s round were shown at the end of this week’s broadcast of Mnet‘s “Queendom” season 2.

WJSN, one of the contending teams, decided to play a key hidden card in their attempt to take the 1st place.

The card that was hidden was none other than… member Bona, who has been away on her own adventures!

As many of you are aware, Bona has received a lot of attention for her part as Go Yu Rim in the popular tvN drama series “Twenty Five, Twenty One“.

Now, the idol will return to her spot in WJSN, performing on stage with her fellow members in “Queendom 2“!

Netizens responded with comments like:

  • That’s not even her real name but “Queendom 2” is using it like it is kekekekeke.
  • She is so pretty OMG.
  • I can’t wait… I hope more people can find out what a great vocalist Bona is too!
  • Go Yu Rim!!!
  • Finally, idol Bona TT.
  • Mnet can use the name because Mnet and tvN are both CJ kekekekeke.
  • It amazes me every time how she’s so different when she has her actress persona on from when she has her idol persona on… She can pull off both so flawlessly.

Are you looking forward to seeing Bona on “Queendom 2” on WJSN next week?



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