Red Velvet Yeri Wows Netizens By Wearing 2 Piece Bikini In A Beach In Hawaii

There is a member of a top girl group who revealed a glamorous bikini look.

She is the youngest member of the group Red Velvet, Yeri.

On May 13th, Yeri posted several photos of her trip to Hawaii, USA on Instagram.

She just posted pictures of his recent situation without any other comments.

In the uploaded photo, Yeri’s bikini figure taken in front of the swimming pool and the sea was particularly eye-catching.

Yeri showed off her bikini look and made a somewhat unconventional exposure, boasting a smooth body with no flesh.

Her unusual body proportions in her photos also caught the attention of viewers.

Recently, Yeri is known to have traveled to Hawaii, USA.

He is communicating with his fans by posting photos of his travels on Instagram.

On May 11th, Yeri’s Instagram story caught a lot of attention when a screenshot of the messenger conversation she had with her manager was uploaded.

In the captures, ‘We are waiting for Yeri in Korea haha’, ‘Don’t wait hahaha’, ‘Come back Kim Yerim~!!!’ There were pleasant conversations such as etc., which brought laughter.

Yeri is a member of the five-member girl group Red Velvet under SM Entertainment.

Yeri, who is in charge of the group’s sub vocal and sub rapper, made her debut by joining her team from Red Velvet’s 1st mini album ‘Ice Cream Cake’.


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