Park Kyung Hye Got Flustered While Making Eye Contact With Jo In Sung

A female entertainer reacted resolutely to the attack on actor Jo In Sung‘s face, causing laughter.

In tvN’s ‘Unexpected Business 2‘ aired on May 12th, actors Kim Hye Soo, Park Kyung Hye, and Han Hyo Joo, who appeared as part-timers, were drawn to the last business.

During the break, Kim Hye Soo, Park Kyung Hye, Cha Tae Hyun, and Jo In Sung sat together and chatted. During the conversation, Park Kyung Hye came closer to check the stains on Jo In Sung‘s face.

At this, Jo In Sung gave a deep look and directed a scene like a scene from a melodrama movie. At the attack on her face, Park Kyung Hye was thrilled, saying, “Follow me today with your brother’s warm eyes…”

Kim Hye Soo, who watched the two of them, showed a cute reaction, saying, “It’s too sweet.” 

Jo In Sung, who had gained momentum, brought the macaron in front of him to his face and said, “Is it like a macaron?”

In response to Kim Hye Soo’s decisive response, Jo In Sung and Park Kyung Hye were arrogant.

Park Kyung Hye admired Jo In Sung‘s appearance, saying, “I thought I was accustomed to it, but I’m still excited.” Jo In Sung showed her extraordinary confidence, saying, “I can’t adapt.”

Park Kyung Hye said, “Oh, I’ll go see the counter,” and moved away from Jo In Sung‘s face attack.



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