Kim Se Jeong Reveals The Amount Of Alcohol She Can Drank Alone, Saying That She Can Drink Until Dawn

Singer and actress Kim Se Jeong, a former member of the group ‘Gugudan‘, reported on the current situation.

Kim Se Jeong posted a picture on Instagram on May 13th with the caption, “To be honest, I got 3 bottles of soju to congratulate myself on filming after receiving this.

In the photo, Sejeong Kim is filming a liquor commercial. Seol In Ah, an actress who saw this, commented, “Ah… Drink with me, let’s try it too.

In the tvN entertainment show ‘On and Off‘, which aired last year, Kim Se Jeong said, “When I was in good shape, I drank until dawn the day before the schedule.”Kim Se Jeong appeared in the recently ended SBS drama ‘A Business Proposal‘.


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