Actor Jo In Sung Showed Special Affection For His Junior Park Kyung Hye

Actor Jo In Sung showed off his extraordinary affection by adoring his junior Park Kyung Hye.

On tvN’s entertainment program “Unexpected Business 2” which aired on the afternoon of May 12th, actors Kim Hye Soo, Han Hyo Joo and Park Kyung Hye, who appeared as part-timers with Jo In Sung, the president of the mart, were depicted finishing their business.

On the same day, Kim Hye Soo praised Park Kyung Hye‘s sense of doing well at the mart.

Park Kyung Hye asked Jo In Sung, “What do you think of the boss?” and Jo In Sung sent a friendly comment saying, “I can’t live without you,” causing viewers’ excitement.

Park Kyung Hye smiled shyly at Jo In Sung‘s answer, which came in “hook.”

Kim Hye Soo, who was washing dishes with Park Kyung Hye, said, “What about me? I also worked hard,” asked Han Hyo Joo in a cute voice, and expected Jo In Sung’s praise, saying, “I am.”

In addition, Jo In Sung approached Park Kyung Hye, who was washing the dishes, and carefully lifted the flowing apron string.

Then, it caught the eye with the meticulousness of tying the string in the shape of a ribbon to prevent it from flowing down again.

Jo In Sung’s warmth, who took care of his juniors who had worked hard for a day, stood out and captivated women’s hearts.

A netizen who heard the broadcast said, “Jo In Sung is too ‘sweet’.He’s kind,” he said, adding, “I’m enthusiastic about Jo In Sung’s actions.


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