Actor Jung Hae In Took A Ride On The Subway With Kim Min Kyu And Jang In Sub, And No One Noticed It Was Them

Actor Jung Hae In shared his daily life using the subway to watch the play.

On May 8th, Jung Hae In posted a picture taken at Daebang Station on Line 1 on his Instagram story.

According to the released photo, Jung Hae In took the subway at Daebang Station on Seoul Subway Line 1.

Another photo drew attention as it was revealed that actor Jung Hae In met with Jang In Seop and Kim Min Kyu after watching the play “Invisible Hand“.

In addition, Jung Hae In also revealed how he spent time with Kim Min Kyu at the BB gun shooting range.

Fans responded to Jung Hae In’s easy-going appearance of enjoying the weekend by using the subway, not by car, saying, “Can I see Jung Hae In if I go to take Line 1?” and “From today, I will only take Line 1“.

Meanwhile, Jung Hae In, Jang In Seop, and Kim Min Kyu appeared in the JTBC drama “Snowdrop“, which aired last December. The three still continue their hot friendship through this relationship.

Jung Hae In is set to shoot season 2 of Netflix’s original “D.P“.



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