Kim Min Kyu Speaks Up About Dating Rumors With Seol In Ah

Actor Kim Min Kyu has explained the allegations of his romantic relationship with Seol In Ah

Actor Kim Min Kyu appeared as a guest on MBC‘s entertainment program “The Manager” on the 7th.

In the broadcast, Hong Hyun Hee mentioned Seol In Ah, saying, “The scene where you took off your glasses and kissed Seol In Ah in the ‘Business Proposal’ was a hot topic“. 

Kim Min Kyu said, “I didn’t know it would be a hot topic. I watched it again and it was sexy even when I looked at it“.

Hong Hyun Hee raised suspicions of dating, saying, “Seeing you keep talking about it with a reminded face, I feel like there is something with In Ah“. 

Kim Min Kyu said, “The four of us are so close”, and Hong Hyun Hee said, “It’s obvious. Do you keep in touch or not?Kim Min Kyu explained, “The actors contact each other together“.

Lee Young Ja said, “I was a huge fan, so I hope it will actually come true”, and Kim Min Kyu said, “I love this reaction. I’m proud as an actor“.



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