6 Celebrities Who Gave ‘billion dollars’ Gifts to Their Parents That We’re Re-Examined In Mother’s Day

As Parents’ Day approaches, celebrities who are devoted to their parents are being re-examined as gifts of a different scale.

They gave their parents a big present that made them “billion” with the money they earned from their hard work in the entertainment industry.

Not only large gifts but also the warm hearts of those who generously give gifts to their families are drawing attention.

Let’s take a look at celebrities who have shown extreme filial piety along with “billion-dollar” gifts that boast a huge price range.

Rapper DinDin

Rapper DinDin showed his filial piety by presenting his parents with a domestic luxury car, the Genesis G90.

In May last year, DinDin revealed on his YouTube channel “DinDin – DinGadinga [Dinga Dinga]” that he was changing his parents’ old car, who had used the same car for more than a decade.

DinDin said the car salesman recommended a car suitable for his father’s age, who was born in the ’50s, and gave him the ‘Genesis G90’ as a gift.

DinDin’s Genesis G90” to his parents was known to be around 79.73 million won to 119.77 million won, causing surprise.


Singer Kyuhyun was listed as a devoted celebrity for giving a big gift to his parents.

In tvN’s “List Disclosure 2017,” which aired in 2017, Kyuhyun, who presented a residential and commercial complex apartment located in Wolgok-dong, Seoul, to his parents in 2010, was introduced as a representative of the entertainment industry.

In addition, Kyuhyun purchased a building in Myeong-dong, Seoul, for 7.3 billion won in 2014, remodeled it into a guest house with 60 rooms, and presented it to his parents.


Singer G-Dragon presented his parents with a luxurious pension.

In 2012, G-Dragon’s father drew attention by saying in an interview that the pension provided by G-Dragon was 1 billion won.

The unveiled pension featured G-Dragon’s sensible interior. Internet users, who saw luxurious pension photos of G-Dragon’s parents, agreed that G-Dragon, who was filial to him as a special gift, was great.


Singer MARK TOP gave his parents a special Parents’ Day gift.

In May 2020, MARK TOPreleased a photo on his Instagram showing him giving a Mercedes to his parents for Parents’ Day.

The Mercedes-Benz that MARK TOPpresented to his parents is different for each series, but it is known that the launch price usually starts at around KRW 110.6 million, drawing attention.

The sense of MARK TOP, who gave carnations to his parents as well as a surprise gift, was enthusiastic.

Actor Jo In Sung

Actor Jo In Sung bought a house worth billions of won for his family.

In 2018, Jo In Sung reportedly sold two “Signiel” residences, an ultra-high-priced residential facility at Lotte World Tower, for his mother and sister.

Jo In Sung revealed his extraordinary “class” by selling two houses that cost 4.5 billion won each to present one to his parents and younger brother.

Internet users said, “It’s amazing that you spent 9 billion won to buy a house for your family. He is a good son,”.

Actor Ha Jung Woo

Actor Ha Jung Woo presented hundreds of millions of won worth of foreign cars to his father Kim Yong Gun.

Earlier, in TV Chosun’s Curious Star Show Pumpkin, which aired in September 2015, it was revealed that Ha Jung-woo presented his father with a luxury car after the success of the movie “Assassination.”

Later, MBC’s “Home Alone” which aired in October next month, drew attention as Kim Yong Gun was seen riding a Bentley a luxury foreign car presented by Ha Jung-woo.

The price of the Bentley is known to be around 200 million to 300 million won, drawing more attention.


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