Kim Min Kyu Has A Unique Habit That Honestly Reveals How Comfortable He Is With His Manager

Kim Min Kyu is a car wash expert.

On the May 7th broadcast of MBC‘s “Omniscient Interfering View“, actor Kim Min Kyu‘s unusual hobby, armed with the best car wash equipment, is revealed.

On this day, Kim Min Kyu goes to a regular car wash with his manager. As soon as he arrives at the car wash, he surprises the manager by reciting various specialized knowledge related to car washing. The manager also reveals, “(Kim Min Kyu) feels like a car wash master”.

Then, at the car wash, Kim Min Kyu‘s passionate lecture is held, who is more sincere than anyone else.

Kim Min Kyu, who showed off his barefoot fighting spirit, shows off his ‘car wash doctor‘ side by passing on car washing tips to his manager and thoroughly wiping parts that are difficult to clean.

In particular, it is said that Kim Min Kyu‘s colorful car wash equipment and various supplies catch everyone’s attention.

In response to Kim Min Kyu‘s passion for car washing with the highest level of professional equipment, the manager said, “It seems that I have lost my mind in the middle“.

It raises curiosity about what Kim Min Kyu‘s passion for car washing was and what Kim Min Kyu‘s gorgeous car washing equipment is. It airs at 11:10 p.m. on May 7th.



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