BTS V Hilariously Caught By ARMYs Who Did Not Know Much On Using Instagram Features

V (BTS) is one of the members with the largest fan base of the group. The male singer is also one of the most influential artists today in Korea and many other countries.

Since opening the social network Instagram at the end of 2021, V has continuously held many new records, and has been named in the top of the most influential Instagram accounts in the world.

However, the golden boy of BTS was recently “peeled” by his own fans for being too low-tech, unable to use a cool feature on Instagram. 

Specifically, in a recently posted story, V opened the “Ask me anything” feature on this platform.

V posted the story “Come in”
He can’t see the questions that have been sent to him

This is a feature where story uploaders allow others to leave questions for me to answer, depending on the topics raised by the account owner. You can then answer these questions with subsequent stories.

But after only a few minutes of opening this feature, V was forced to lament that he could not see the questions from everyone and that it was really difficult to use all the features on Instagram.

Determined not to give up, he also had to go to another platform called Weverse to ask the “advanced” for guidance.

However, because he could not see it, he also quickly deleted the story on Instagram. In particular, this feature is very well used by Jungkook – another member of BTS.

Maybe V has to learn a lot from his younger brother.


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