TWICE Recreate Their Cute Childhood Photos In Honor Of Children’s Day In Korea

TWICE, a girl group, recreated childhood images in honor of Children’s Day.

TWICE‘s official Instagram account combined photographs from the members’ past and present on May 5th.

TWICE members who imitated the poses, dress, and facial expressions of their childhood images were included in the snapshot.

Nayeon made others laugh by exhibiting her desire to buy fashionable sunglasses at the moment.

Tzuyu, like Jeongyeon, grinned cheerfully while shooting photos in the same setting as possible, and Jeongyeon showed off her stunning features as usual.

Unlike today, Mina and Dahyun have full cheeks that exude a lovely appeal.

Momo showed off her ‘excellent’ proportions and exceptional physical talents even when she was young, while Sana captivated people’ hearts by exhibiting her sweet side even when she was little.

Jihyo and Chaeyoung, in particular, were caught aback since they appeared so similar in the past and present that it’s safe to claim they were shot a minute ago.

Both of them had a great visual, with brilliant eyes and distinct characteristics, which reminded me of the saying “It’s different from the cotyledon.”

Meanwhile, TWICE will perform two encore concerts at the North American Stadium for the first time in a K-pop group at the Bank of California Stadium in Los Angeles, USA on April 14th and 15th (local time).



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