This Female Idol’s Fancam of LE SSERAFIM’s “Fearless” Now Has Over A Million Views In Just 5 Hours

So, one of the most anticipated Gen 4 female groups, LE SSERAFIM, made its formal debut with the song video “Fearless” of the same name.

Despite the controversy, the girl group HYBE has generated some notable accomplishments, one of which is Sakura, the eldest member.

In particular, the Japanese member’s “Fearless” fancam became the fancam of a female idol Gen 4 that earned 1 million views in the shortest amount of time, taking only 5 hours and 39 minutes on YouTube.

Sakura was praised in the comments for her improvement in dance and facial expressions as compared to her time with IZ*ONE. It’s worth noting that this fancam was shot by fans rather than broadcasters.

Sakura is the oldest senior in entertainment when she “succeeds” from HKT48, AKB48 in Japan to IZ*ONE and LE SSERAFIM in Korea, compared to the remaining five members of LE SSERAFIM.

So it’s not surprising that female idols have the most fans who are all working together to help her achieve the above results.



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