Netizens Surprised To Know That The Directors Behind These Successful Korean Historical Dramas Are All Women

Surprisingly, all of the recent notable Korean historical blockbusters have been directed by women.

Director Kim Hee Won – The Crowned Clown

Kim Hee Won is the female director behind the success of “The Crowned Clown,” a historical hit.

Kim Hee Won‘s historical dramas are renowned for their exquisite attention to detail in terms of setting, costumes, and historical research.

She is also one of the most formidable directors on the Korean film scene today, having directed a string of blockbusters such as “Money Flower,” “Vincenzo,” and others.

Director Jung Ji In – Red Sleeves

Jung Ji In is the man responsible for the success of the historical hit “The Red Sleeve” in 2021.

Not only is the narrative praised, but the film is also claimed to be exceptionally comprehensive in terms of aesthetics, delivering a lovely story in both substance and form.

MBC is also “revived” on the Korean series rating race thanks to the work of female director Jung Ji In and “The Red Sleeve.”

Director Yoo Young Eun – Bloody Heart

Yoo Young Eun, the stunning director, is the brains behind the recently televised historical drama “Bloody Heart“.

Yoo Young Eun established herself to be a “not-so-average” female filmmaker in her maiden foray into historical dramas by presenting a very stunning and intelligent picture.

Yoo Young Eun is the co-director of the big smash “Descendants of the Sun,” which should give you an idea of how talented she is.



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