Netizens Claim This Is The True Reason Why Kim Garam Still Able To Debut With LE SSERAFIM Despite Her Controversies

Many Knets point to the similarities between Kim Garam and the allegedly “ideal type” of president Bang Shi Hyuk.

On May 2, HYBE Labels officially launched the 4th generation girl group LE SSERAFIM.

Although this girl group just launched, this girl group has already attracted attention because of its exceptional members, but it also experienced many difficulties because  Kim Garam  was accused of school violence.

Because of Kim Garam‘s violent scandal, LE SSERAFIM‘s debut voyage was also challenging because the audience opposed this member.

Despite the fact that it is a promotional photo
or on stage, Kim Garam is always in the center or stands out from the other members.

Despite popular complaints, HYBE nonetheless released LE SSERAFIM with a 6-member lineup including Kim Garam.

More importantly, netizens often point out that Kim Garam is well taken care by the company, placed in a prominent position, even considered the center of the group.

Despite having a gorgeous appearance and a dazzling stage, Kim Garam‘s violent scandal enraged many people. Many fans were puzzled by HYBE‘s decision to overlook the controversy in order to push Kim Garam.

Comparison photo of Arisa Mizuki (left) with Kim Garam (right)

A topic that is now trending in Korea has revealed that Kim Garam is still able to debut despite the scandal since the female idol resembles Arisa Mizuki, a 90s Japanese artist who is said to be the president’s “ideal type“. 

The similarities between Arisa Mizuki’s and Kim Garam’s five senses are undeniable. The freshly debuted female idol has a beautiful face with gentle lines, similar to Arisa Mizuki.

President Bang Shi Hyuk, on the other hand, has never declared his ideal type, thus the inference that Kim Garam debuted because he resembled the president’s allegedly “ideal type” is unfounded.

Some comments of Knet: 

  • Well, it’s true…
  • I won’t comment because they seem so similar, but Bang Shi Hyuk never revealed his taste!
  • Now I know why Kim Garam is still being held.
  • Even the shape of the face is identical.
  • It’s as if I’m at a loss for words.
  • The resemblance surprised me.
  • That’s why Garam made a quiet entrance.
  • I’m not sure if it’s Bang Shi Hyuk’s style, but they have a striking resemblance.
  • I’m not sure who Bang Shi Hyuk’s ideal type is, but I’ve heard it’s an actress who resembles TXT’s Beomgyu.
  • Wow… She’s very attractive.



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