Netizens Had The BEST Reaction To BLACKPINK’s Rosé Lookalike During A Presidential Campaign In The Philippines

BLACKPINK’s Rosé has been missing for far too long… but has the idol been found in the Philippines?

Rosé, BLACKPINK‘s solo artist, has been on the scene for almost a year.

Despite only releasing two songs, the female idol has amassed a slew of accolades and demonstrated her enormous power.

As a result, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Rosé and BLACKPINK to re-ignite the Kpop scene.

However, even after a long wait, the 4-member group is still nowhere to be found. Rosé was even found in the Philippines by fans!

Rosé’s unexpected arrival in the Philippines!

Nhai đĩa còn được thì hát live chỉ là chuyện nhỏ 😆😆 #Rosé #로제


However, if you look a little harder, you’ll notice that these are just Filipino females dressed in the classic attire worn by Rosé in her solo MV.

This was a special event held in advance of this island nation’s presidential election.

According to reports, young people in the Philippines organized an advocacy campaign for a specific presidential candidate, and the event drew a large number of Kpop fans.

Rosé-dressed Filipina girl

Fans of the idols were overjoyed, writing the following comments:

  • I thought this was a concert, but the election sounds fun there. That’s a lot of Rosé =)))
  • Lol Rosé doesn’t have any idol activities so she is part-timing in the Philippines
  • So this is the reason behind the hiatus…So many jobs, no wonder why she’s rich
  • So many Rosé but where’s the real one?



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