Kim Se Jeong Wins “Best Female Acting-Idol” Award With “Business Proposal”

Kim Se Jeong won an award for her outstanding performance in “Business Proposal“.

Business Proposal” is the most successful drama of Kim Se Jeong‘s acting career, which began as an idol.

Kim Se Jeong became one of the most talked-about K-drama stars in early 2022 thanks to the success of “Business Proposal“.

She was adored by the crowd not only for her stunning sights but also for her natural performance. Kim Se Jeong has got her first acting award of the year.

At the 2022 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards, she was named Best Female Acting-Idol.

Kim Se Jeong is the only person from “Business Proposal” to be chosen one of this year’s Brand Customer Loyalty Awards winners. Last year, Kim Se Jeong won this award for her performance in “The Uncanny Counter”.

Kim Se Jeong‘s amazing acting change is demonstrated by her two consecutive wins for Best Female Acting-Idol for two successful drama parts.

Despite the fact that this is a minor prize, supporters are pleased to see Kim Se Jeong‘s ability and hard work recognized, especially after “Business Proposal” failed to receive a nomination at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards.



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