Jo Bo Ah Left A Strong Remarks On The Abuses That Happens In Korean Military

Actor Jo Bo Ah, who showed a passionate performance in the drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman” set in the military, hoped that the tragedy in the military would never happen again.

On May 4, Kookmin Ilbo released an interview with Jo Bo Ah, who played the role of military prosecutor Cha Woo-in on tvN’s “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” which recently ended.

The “military prosecutor Doberman” tells the story of Noh Hwa Young (Oh Yeon Soo), the commander of the Army Division, who commits vicious crimes to protect power, collapsing due to the performance of Cha Woo In and Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun).

This gave a strong catharsis to viewers who watched the broadcast.

In addition, in “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” there was a scene in which a soldier who could not withstand the abuse of his appointment went on a shooting spree following abuse in the military and abuse of military officers. They all took the motif from the actual events.

In this regard, Jo Bo Ah said, “I was surprised that the shooting occurred several times in the actual military.”

She then said, “I was angry while watching the scene where the senior abused his subordinate.”

Jo Bo Ah raised her voice that she hopes that the tragic tragedies in the military will no longer occur in the wake of the “military prosecutor Doberman.”

There are things that can only happen if not only the military but also members of society are gathered,” Jo Bo Ah, adding, “I hope this drama will improve (the problem caused by the relationship).”

Jo Bo Ah also said she sought advice from Ahn and others about the military culture and terms she needed to know for the postponement of military prosecutors.

Jo Bo Ah said, “While acting in a military uniform for seven months, I naturally got ‘Danaka’ in my way of speaking.”

Meanwhile, the last episode of “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” starring Jo Bo Ah, recorded its highest ratings of 10.1% based on Nielsen Korea, achieving a successful end.


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