Netizens Think That These K-Drama Characters Should Not Be Created In The First Place Since They Have No Importance In The Series

In Korean movies, each character has a unique role to play in order to create a connection and express the message that the film is aiming for.

However, there are still some characters with lackluster performances that make the audience wonder what the role of this character is.

Baek Joon Ki – Penthouse

Baek Joon Ki ( On Joo Wan ) is known as the real Ju Dan Tae in Penthouse. So far, although the film has ended, many viewers still wonder about the reason for this character’s appearance.

The producer of ” Penthouse ” aroused the audience’s curiosity about Baek Joon Ki, made this character mysterious and important and made the audience expect that Baek Joon Ki might be the character who would solve the problem. and tackle the villainous boss Ju Dan Tae ( Uhm Ki Joon ).

But Baek Joon Ki did not achieve what the audience expected. Baek Joon Ki constantly changes his stance and by the end of the movie, the end of this character is not clear.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Gangsters And Students

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon would be a perfect movie from beginning to end without the appearance of the gangsters and students.

This is a supporting character line with an entertainment function, bringing laughter to the audience. But as the later episodes, the scenes with these characters appear more and the content is rambling and unrealistic.

Many viewers feel annoyed when these characters take up the film’s time, making them unable to focus on the main details.

All Of Us Are Dead – Archery Team

In the movie All Of Us Are Dead, there are many characters, so it is inevitable that the character is not exploited deeply.

According to the webtoon, the archery team is the main character line, when on the TV version, the role of these characters has decreased.

So many people feel confused about the purpose of this character association, especially when the archery boy strays from the group but no character notices.

Twenty Five, Twenty One – Middle-aged Na Hee Do

It can be said that the middle-aged character Na Hee Do (Kim So Hyun) is a character with mixed opinions in Twenty Five, Twenty One ( age 25, age 21 ).

Not to mention the acting features that are not Na Hee Do in her youth, the appearance of this character also makes many viewers uncomfortable.

The screen time of this character is relatively large but does not contribute to the film circuit. Not to mention Na Hee Do’s lines in the middle-aged version sometimes make viewers lose their emotions and don’t fit in with the movie circuit.



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