Son Ye Jin and Kim So Hyun Resembles So Much That They Could Play Siblings, According To Netizens

Besides the cases of similar appearance but opposite fate, the Korean screen also has Korean stars with similar beauty and careers.

The lovely actress Son Ye Jin and the “rain girlKim So Hyun are famous among them. In fact, Kim So Hyun is known as “Little Son Ye Jin” by the audience.

She also acted in a movie with her senior in “The Last Princess“. In the movie, Kim So Hyun plays the young role of Princess Deok Hye (Son Ye Jin).

Son Ye Jin is considered to share many similarities with the pure and heavenly image of the female gem Kim So Hyun.

Even in an interview, Son Ye Jin herself admitted that she and Kim So Hyun had many similarities.

Besides, the “rain girl” is also considered to be completely capable of “usurping the throne” of the senior’s career in the future.

Because, the actress not only possesses a sharp appearance, but Kim So Hyun’s acting treasure is also extremely impressive.

The image of the female gem that Kim So Hyun built is said to be quite similar to the “nation’s first love” Son Ye Jin
Kim So Hyun’s face is sharper as she matures, just like her senior

Kim So Hyun is known as a child star when she started acting at the age of 7. With more than 14 years of experience in acting, Kim So Hyun constantly challenges herself with many images.

From villains and protagonists in historical films to romantic school titles. Notably, the dramas that the actress participated in always recorded impressive ratings.

Among the typical works such as: “The Moon Embracing the Sun“, “School 2015″, “The Tale Of Nokdu”, “Love Alarm”, “River Where the Moon Rises” .

Despite being young, Kim So Hyun has always been highly appreciated by fans for her acting. However, the actress also increasingly asserted her talent and marked the maturity in each role.

Surely in the future, the actress is probably one of the “rivals” that senior Son Ye Jin must be wary of!



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