Hawk-Eyed BLINKs Spot Something In The Background Of BLACKPINK Rosé’s Photo And It Shows Her Expensive Taste

Not everyone can simply and affordably own and enjoy a 1955 item with Rosé.

Rosé constantly attracts a lot of attention from netizens as a member of the group that owns the artist YouTube channel with the most subscribers and her fame.

Every item she wore, or the outfits she wore… Rosé wore were discounted and immediately sold out. Recently, in an Instagram story, netizens quickly uncovered a highly rare item that Rosé has.

The Braun PK-G3 sound cabinet model, created by Hans Gugelot in 1955, is depicted in the second image.

This is considered the beginning of modern sound design, which Dieter Rams continued to create the next year.

This product has only been in existence for a few years, making it relatively rare; it is no longer available for purchase on the internet.

Not only is this sound cabinet extremely rare, but it also costs a lot of money, often more than a thousand pounds. This is no longer only a speaker or recorder, but also a decorative item.

It has a tube radio, a phonograph, and a tape recorder with a sliding glass front in an oak case.



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