“Yumi’s Cells” Drops A New Poster Ahead Of Their Season 2 Comeback

The popular drama “Yumi’s Cells” has returned to season 2.

On April 29, the production team of “Yumi’s Cells Season 2” released a new poster that makes viewers’ hearts pound.

The poster released on this day shows Bobby (Park Jin Young), a co-worker who is stroking Yumi (Kim Go Eun)’s head with a careful touch.

Yumi, whose eyes sparkle and smile, and Bobby’s expression looking at them raise the excitement index.

Above all, the change in Yumi’s style, who had short hair, makes us guess the flow of time.

The relationship between Yumi and Bobby, who seem to have gotten closer after breaking up with Koo Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun), who even thought of getting married, raises curiosity.

The poster also says, “The cells have begun to react again,” which makes us look forward to Bobby’s performance in waking up the sleeping cell village.

In fact, Bobby is portrayed as a bad guy who cheats on a little girl in the original story. 

Many people are interested in whether the character’s character has changed in the drama.

Yumi’s Cells Season 2, which is drawing attention due to its high synchronization rate with the original webtoon, will be released in June.


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