Kim Se Jeong Stuns With A New Image, As She Shows Off Her Short Hair Filming Her New Drama

The first behind-the-scenes images of Kim Se Jeong from the upcoming series following “A Business Proposal” have been revealed.

A Business Proposal” is an excellent starting point for Kim Se Jeong‘s climb to popularity on the Korean screen.

As a result, despite the fact that “A Business Proposal” is still in screens, Kim Se Jeong is ready to return in the next project.

In the new series’ backstage, Kim Se Jeong is glowing with her child co-star.

The first photos of Se Jeong on the set of “Today’s Webtoon” have just been revealed, showcasing the image of her upcoming role.

Kim Se Jeong appeared a short time ago with short hair; it was then revealed that she “cut her hair down” to fit the character of “Today’s Webtoon“.

According to the original Japanese manga, the female lead has short hair with horizontal bangs, which is exactly the shape of the female lead in the Japanese film adaptation.

Se Jeong had her hair cut for a new series.

This photograph of Kim Se Jeong has caught the audience’s interest. Many praises for her appearance, with some even stating that her hairdo is more appropriate than the “A Business Proposal” era.

Audience comments:

  • Se Jeong with short hair is a divine blessing.
  • The same beautiful sunshine smile that captivated my heart is still there.
  • She’s more attractive than “Business Proposal.”
  • Se Jeong with short hair is far superior to Se Jeong with long hair.
  • This is very cute.
  • Her attractiveness level skyrocketed with that hairdo.

Kim Se Jeong plays a former judo player who works as an editor at a webtoon production firm in “Today’s Webtoon“. In addition to Se Jeong, the film’s two male leads will be Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon Su.



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