Moon Se Hoon From “Single’s Inferno” Admits Not Speaking To His Father For 8 Years — Here’s The Reason Why

Moon Se Hoon, a cast member of “Single’s Inferno“, confessed his family history that he had not told before.

On Channel S’s “Real Granny“, which aired on April 26, Moon Se Hoon, who gained huge popularity through the dating reality show Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno”, appeared.

On this day, Moon Se Hoon confessed his worries, saying, “It’s been 8 years since I built a wall with my father”.

Moon Se Hoon said his parents, who had been on bad terms for a long time when he was 20, divorced. He said he had not seen his father since then.

Regarding the cause of his relationship with his father, Moon Se Hoon said, “I think there were many things my father lacked as a head of household. I think I should take care of my children even if I have a bad relationship with my mother, but my father couldn’t. He almost left it unattended“.

He stated that his father had not supplied any financial help to the family despite the fact that he could.

At some point, when I meet my father, I feel so worried and nervous like I have a panic disorder that I don’t want to see him”, Moon Se Hoon stated.

Moon Se Hoon, who was forced to become independent following his parents’ divorce, stated, “I remained at my friend’s house and went to the army; it was so good that he let me sleep”, added, “At the time, I didn’t want to see both my mother and father”.

Since then, Moon Se Hoon has stated that he was first called by his father after witnessing “Single’s Inferno”.

As a result, Moon Se Hoon, who communicates with his father around twice a year, expressed hope that one day he would be able to gradually prepare himself and visit his father first.



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