4 K-Drama Students Who Are Admired By Viewers And Have A Special Place In Our Hearts

The sorority is both talented and captivating, causing everyone in early 2022 to fall in love with the Korean screen.

Female students on the Korean screen in early 2022 appear to have left a lasting impression on all audiences.

Each lady has a distinct personality, yet they all share the brilliance and bravery that everyone admires.

Young Joo, Our Blues

Young Joo (Roh Yoon Seo), the class president in “Our Blues,” is a high-achieving female student with a complicated love story.

When Young Joo and her boyfriend Jung Hyun (Bae Hyun Sung) were still students, she got pregnant by accident.

This must have been a difficult time for this couple because they had to decide whether to keep the child or leave for the future.

In the end, Young Joo chose to believe Jung Hyun and bravely take on the role of motherhood at such a young age.

Seung Wan, Twenty Five Twenty One

Seung Wan (Lee Joo Myung) is a character in “Twenty Five, Twenty One” who everyone admires.

Seung Wan is an excellent student who absorbs stories and has a distinct personality.

Unlike her friends, Seung Wan finds life dull, possibly because she has witnessed injustices around her.

The crowd loved and admired Seung Wan‘s bravery when she gave up her academics to protest against her own high school.

Yeon Soo, Our Beloved Summer

Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi) is “Our Beloved Summer‘s” hot and cold and extremely talented girlfriend.

Yeon Soo is in a terrible situation, but she still maintains the highest achievement in the entire school.

Yeon Soo is appreciated and respected by her colleagues as an adult. This girl embodies the ideal type, which everyone admires.

Nam Ra, All Of Us Are Dead

The audience adores Nam Ra (Cho Yi Hyun), the class president in “All Of Us Are Dead”, for her cold and forceful aura hidden behind her quiet demeanor.

Nam Ra is very forceful and a problem solver, which drives the group to argue.

Despite the fact that the film leaves Nam Ra with an open ending, many people believe she will always live happily ever after.



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