tvN’s “Our Blues” Surprisingly Drops 3% In Ratings After Episode 4, What Could Be The Reason?

Our Blues has now aired for 6 episodes and in the latest developments, the drama has witnessed a significant drop in ratings compared to the highest record achieved by the series in episode 4, which is 9,182%.

Specifically movie rating

Nationwide/Urban Area:

Episode 1: 7,324 / 8,107

Episode 2: 8,736 / 10,189

Episode 3: 7,897 / 9,022

Episode 4: 9,182 / 10,064

Episode 5: 7,126 / 7,233

Episode 6: 7,722 / 7,870

It’s no exaggeration to say, Our Blues is the movie that gathers the biggest cast on the Korean screen in 2022.

Right before the movie aired, the audience was “sure” that the rating of Our Blues would be “rare“.

Unfortunately, in the current situation, the number is not really positive with the reputation of the cast, so the rating has also dropped significantly. 

Talking about this decline, many viewers think that because the story in episodes 5 – 6 revolves around two young actors who are not well-known in the profession, they cannot attract the audience.

Others think that the script is not interesting, even outdated, and the fact that the stories are interrupted also makes many people uncomfortable.

Audience comments:

-The ratings aren’t that bad but considering the reputation of the cast, it’s bad

  • The content of the last 2 episodes is too old, the story of students falling in love, having sex, and having abortions is very old, the movie does not give any new perspective.
  • Personally, I find the drama quite boring, the last 2 episodes can’t watch anymore, the first story is the best

-I’m upset because the story suddenly jumps, Han Ji Min‘s story can’t be solved

-The rating is just a reflection of the reality of the drama, this week both the kids and the Lee Byung Hun couple’s stories are boring

Some viewers thought that because the main couple in episode 5 was not hot, the ratings dropped

Our Blues airs every Saturday and Sunday on tvN.


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