HYBE defends BTS Jimin after his apartment was temporarily confiscated after not being able to pay health insurance

It was belatedly reported that Jimin, a member of popular idol BTS, was confiscated of an apartment he bought for 5.9 billion won after failing to pay health insurance premiums.

In response, HYBE officially apologized, stating that it was due to the company’s negligence, not Jimin.

On the afternoon of April 24, HYBE explained, “There was a mistake in some mails in the process of the company receiving the mail that arrived at the artist’s accommodation first and delivering it to the artist.”

He added, “Jimin was not aware of the delinquency due to his overseas schedule and long-term vacation that had been held since the end of last year and his overseas schedule after that.”

HYBE also reported that it has paid the entire amount of arrears.

In the meantime, he bowed his head once again, saying, “I apologize for causing concern to artists and fans due to the company’s negligence.”


Biz Korea reported earlier that Jimin was seized by the National Health Insurance Service in May last year for failing to pay for his health insurance premiums after four seizure registrations were sent.

Currently, many fans of BTS are angry that Jimin’s image has deteriorated due to his agency’s mistakes.

However, not a few people expressed disappointment with Jimin who failed to pay his health insurance premiums.


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