Netizens Disappointed After Rumors Spread Regarding Ha Ji Won’s Casting In New K-Drama Replacing Son Ye Jin

Will Son Ye Jin take a break from performing to enjoy her married life?

On April 22, Korean media announced that the stunning actress Ha Ji Won is considering playing the female protagonist in the drama “Trees Die on Their Feet.”

Kang Ha Neul previously confirmed his participation in the project, while young actor Jung Hae In is considering accepting the invitation.

Notably, the female lead in “Trees Die on Their Feet” was originally slated for Son Ye Jin; does the fact that the production approached Ha Ji Won imply that Son Ye Jin declined the role?

Son Ye Jin turned down the chance to collaborate with Kang Ha Neul for the second time?

There are many reports that Son Ye Jin turned down this job in order to focus on her marriage and raising a small family with Hyun Bin.

Previously, Hyun Bin confirmed that he would comeback in a lot of films; however, it appears that after returning home, Hyun Bin will be more preoccupied with caring for his “princess.

In terms of acting talent and beauty, Ha Ji Won is on par with Son Ye Jin.

However, when this information was made public, many individuals believed that Ha Ji Won is considerably older than Kang Ha Neul.

The crowd was concerned that their chemistry would be tough.

Comments from Korean viewers:

  • Originally, Son Ye Jin is much older than Kang Ha Neul, but now Ha Ji Won is even worse.
  • Why can’t they cast a female lead who is the same age as the male lead?
  • Sorry, Ye Jin fans, but I prefer this pairing. I don’t mind the age gap; Kang Ha Neul has worked with many elders in the past, and it appears like Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won would get along well. Please help me to make this cast a reality.
  • Finally, while we await Ji Won’s return, I hope you will accept the project.
  • It appears that Son Ye Jin will be taking a break for a while, which is unfortunate.
  • The Queen is back, and I’m hoping it’ll be an action series.

Trees Die on Their Feet” depicts the story of an elderly woman from North Korea who is nearing the end of her life.

Her grandson is a musical actor who is determined to assist her in fulfilling her final request.

In addition to the young actors, Oscar winner Youn Yuh Jung appears in the film.



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  1. Some netizens are so harsh in commenting, what’s the problem about the age gap? She looks younger than her age. The drama hasn’t even started and they already judging or talking about age. Some people really are nuts, I’m excited to watch HJW versatile acting, she’s been hiding for a long time. ❤️❤️❤️Ha Ji Won

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