5 Korean Male Stars Whose Shoulders Are So Broad That Even Their Outfits Scream To Agree Despite Being Skinny

In contrast to the general public, celebrities have particularly skinny bodies.

Because they appear bigger on TV than they actually are, they exercise and diet in order to look attractive on the screen.

However, some male celebrities are winning the hearts of fans by boasting broad shoulders that they want to be hugged despite their skinny body.

Let’s meet 6 stars who are skinny but boast reliable shoulders that are likely to wear a top size “2XL“.


Jin, the eldest member of BTS, stands 179 cm tall and weighs 59 kg, yet he has a massive shoulder breadth that drew the attention of the audience.

Jin was also known to wear a “2XL” top, which grabbed a lot of attention.

Many people adore him because of his stunning appearance and broad shoulders.

Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk, a model-turned-actor, too has exceptionally broad shoulders.

Because Nam Joo Hyuk‘s shoulders were excessively broad, the camera director instructed him to shorten them.

Nam Joo Hyuk captivated women’s hearts by displaying his confident shoulders, which contrasted with his innocent and clear face.

EXO Sehun

Sehun has stated that he stands above 180 cm tall and weighs 64 kg.

Despite being the youngest member of EXO, he has outstanding width that is never inferior to his co-members in terms of shoulders.

Sehun, who is known for his right-angled shoulders and lovely collarbones, has a shoulder width of 49 cm, according to the data.

SF9 Rowoon

Rowoon, an actor and member of the idol group SF9, has a distinctive shoulder breadth.

Rowoon is well-known for his long limbs, clean face, and slim figure.

Rowoon‘s amazing physical ability has fans cheering.


Mingyu from SEVENTEEN is also the protagonist of exceptional shoulders.

He has a lovely “puppy” appearance and long slender limbs, yet his shoulders are “Pacific-class“.

Mingyu, who is regarded as one of SEVENTEEN‘s most attractive members, has wide shoulders and has won the hearts of fans.

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel of the idol group Wanna One is the last runner.

Even on Mnet‘s “Produce 101 Season 2,” he was adored for his white and adorable features.

He earned recognition, however, by displaying his height of over 180cm and unparalleled shoulder breadth, and effectively debuted as the center of Wanna One.



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