Netizens Have Mixed Feelings About Shin Se Kyung Replacing Kim Ji Won In “Arthdal Chronicles” For Season 2

Netizens are outraged that Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won are being replaced in “Arthdal Chronicles 2“.

A surprising shift in the casting of “Arthdal Chronicles 2” was announced on April 20th, which received a lot of interest.

As a result, the major characters in Season 2 will no longer be performed by Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won. Instead, Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung are said to have been cast as the male and female leads, respectively.

Arthdal Chronicles” on tvN is an ancient historical fantasy drama about mythological heroes situated in the fictional kingdom of Arth.

Despite its high production cost, the first season sparked controversy and received lower-than-expected audience ratings due to weak visual effects, an unappealing plot, and accusations of plagiarism. Despite mixed reviews for season one, “Arthdal Chronicles” was renewed for a second season.

Netizens are speculating if the Season 1’s disappointing results forced some key actor and crew members to leave for season 2.

In addition to Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won declining to reprise their roles, director Kim Won Seok backed out of the project. Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung are currently in negotiations to play Eun Seom and Tanya in season 2.

While most viewers are satisfied with Lee Joon Gi replacing Song Joong Ki because his performance is just as superb, the announcement of Shin Se Kyung’s appointment has sparked controversy.

Netizens argue that Shin Se Kyung‘s acting isn’t good enough for the part, especially since she has to live up to Kim Ji Won‘s performance.

Some netizens’ thoughts:

  • We waited three years for this news? Who is Shin Se Kyung? What’s the matter with the producers?
  • Shin Se Kyung is a bad actor. She’ll ruin everything!
  • Lee Joon Gi is fine, but what about Shin Se Kyung? She is unable to act.
  • I’m not going to watch. They changed both of the main characters.



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