Netizens Claim These 3 Actors Pick The Worst K-Drama Character In 2022

Taking on important roles in the hottest Korean drama series in early 2022, these actors make the audience uncomfortable with their performances.


Last year, he was loved when she appeared in the movie “The King’s Affection“, but now, Rowoon is criticized for his acting when taking on the lead role next to Kim Hee Sun, in the series Tomorrow .

Many people think that the male idol has an overly exaggerated acting style, inflexible expression, and is completely inferior when he has to appear with a cast of all-star names in Tomorrow.

Tomorrow” is based on a webtoon of the same name.

A young job seeker who can’t get a job meets Black Angels from Jumadeung, a monopoly company of the underworld due to a coincidental accident, and helps people in crisis by working as the youngest contractor of a special crisis management team.

Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun is the one who plays the middle-aged version of Na Hee Do in the movie Twenty Five, Twenty One.

Although she appeared not much, but Kim So Hyun’s acting made the audience extremely uncomfortable.

Not too bad, but Kim So Hyun turned Na Hee Do into a different person, moody, always sleepy and tired, completely different from the teenage years taken by Kim Tae Ri.

“Twenty Five Twenty One” depicts a story from 1998 to 2021. In 1998, twenty-two and eighteen meet for the first time in an uneasy year as the whole world shook and called each others’ name and when they became twenty-three and nineteen, they hurt each other.

In the year of twenty-four and twenty, they relied on each other, and they loved only when they were twenty-five and twenty-one.

Park Ji Hoo

Park Ji Hoo is a rookie who takes on the female lead role of On Jo in Netflix’s zombie blockbuster All of Us Are Dead.

Since the movie’s release, Park Ji Hoo has received countless negative comments about his acting.

The expression is blurred, stiff, and inferior compared to the rest of the cast, accompanied by an annoying character that makes Park Ji Hoo seriously lose points.

All of Us Are Dead” is about a group of high school students who are faced with an extreme crisis situation when they become trapped in their school, while a zombie virus spreads like a wildfire.

It’s based on the chart-topping Korean webtoon called Now at Our School.



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