Lee Min Ho Reveals He Finds His Face Ugly And Admired These 2 Actors Whom He Believe Have Killer Visuals Than He Is

Lee Min Ho is the top male idol on the Korean screen.

Since his debut, he has received a lot of compliments for his handsome visual and a prince-like figure in a love story.

But it turned out that the actor did not feel that he was handsome.

Recently, people “digged” an old statement of Lee Min Ho in the program One Night of TV Entertainment broadcast in 2013.

Here, the male screen god criticized himself for being ugly and pointed out two things,the most handsome colleague in his eyes. “I’m not handsome. I have drooping eyelids and a big face. Park Hyung Sik is very cute, and Kim Woo Bin has white skin but still handsome and manly” – Lee Min Ho said.

Lee Min Ho admits he doesn’t feel handsome on a TV show since 2013
… but Lee Min Ho is self-conscious about his droopy eyes and big face

Sideburns are also a detail that makes Lee Min Ho unhappy about himself.

He often looks in the mirror on the set, but not to look at his face but… to check his sideburns. “It’s stressful because my sideburns always stand on end,” Lee Min Ho said.

The words of the actor The Heirs made fans extremely surprised.

It turned out that despite being praised by people, the cult male god was not confident with his appearance.

It is known that at that time, Lee Min Ho was filming The Heirs with Park Hyung Sik and Kim Woo Bin, that’s why he had the clearest view of the looks of these two co-stars.



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