Hyun Bin’s Transformation Through The Years

Even though he is in his 40s, Hyun Bin‘s beauty is still like a wall of time.

At the same time, the “hotness” of the male actor has never decreased. Referring to Hyun Bin, the audience remembers sweet love movies, one of which includes the blockbuster “Crash Landing On You” where he co-starred with his wife Son Ye Jin.

However, besides that, he also participated in works of other genres, including the historical dramas The Fatal Encounter (2014) and Rampant  (2018).

Hyun Bin deserves to be the male god of love…
… but this doesn’t mean that he can only act in romance movies

Hyun Bin as King Jeongjo in “The Fatal Encounter”

The story of the movie is based on a real assassination plot in 1777. King Jeongjo (Hyun Bin) has to live in a situation where his life may be threatened at any time.

Although he always calmly prepared countermeasures to deal with assassination plots, deep inside, he still felt insecure.

The only person who received the trust of King Jeongjo was Sang Chaek. But ironically, Sang Chaek’s childhood friend – Sal Soo is a member of an assassin organization tasked with killing the king.

Hyun Bin plays King Jeongjo in King’s Wrath. This is probably the movie and his appearance looks “different” the most with his bearded face…
… but that doesn’t reduce the actor’s handsomeness
Play as a king…
… husband Son Ye Jin clearly showed the aura of a monarch

The heroic prince Lee Chung in “Rampant

If in Fury of the King, Son Ye Jin’s husband plays the role of a monarch, in Rampant, he also transforms into a prince.

The film tells the story of Prince Lee Chung who returns to his hometown Joseon after being exiled by the Qing Dynasty.

The time he returned was also when the country suffered a zombie epidemic. Unable to sit still and watch the people suffer, he bravely stood up to fight to stop everything.

Prince Lee Chung’s majestic and heroic aura is very well shown by Hyun Bin


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