4 Korean Supporting Actresses Turned Female Lead

Although the starting point of many Korean stars below is mostly lackluster supporting roles, after all their efforts, they have risen to the female lead. Some Korean movie actors are even more famous than the female lead they played in the past. For example, 4 famous women in the Korean film industry are below.

Han So Hee – Nam Ji Hyun

At the time of joining the 100 Days My Prince, the name Han So Hee was still a rather obscure name for the audience.

Because, at that time, they seemed to only focus on the sweet love of the main couple.

However, who would have thought that one day Han So Hee would be one of the most sought-after actors at the moment.

After causing a fever with a series of super products such as The World of the Married, My Name, etc., Han So Hee was even nominated for the prestigious Baeksang Queen Award.

After the success of the historical blockbuster, Nam Ji Hyun’s acting career is still standing still
Although the actress’s acting is still quite controversial, it is still undeniable that Han So Hee is one of the most successful female “violent” cases in the Korean film industry.

Shin Hye Sun – Hwang Jung Eum

Surely not everyone knows that Shin Hye Sun was once “background” for Hwang Jung Eum in the blockbuster She Was Pretty.

In the drama, she plays the female lead’s colleague Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum).

After a long time of struggling with supporting roles, the actress finally achieved success with her first female lead role in My Golden Life .

Thanks to that, she was gradually recognized as a “rating guarantee” through subsequent blockbuster series such as Still 17, Angel’s Last Mission: Love, Mr. Queen .

In contrast to his one-time co-stars, Hwang Jung Eum’s career stagnated with unimpressive works such as Lucky Romance.

Seo Hyun Jin – Moon Geun Young

Before becoming the heroine of thousands of people, “rom-com queen” Seo Hyun Jin once worked as a supporting villain next to Moon Geun Young in Goddess of Fire.

At that time, Moon Geun Young was a very popular name in the land of kimchi.

However, because of illness, the actress’s career also plummeted. In contrast, Seo Hyun Jin continuously pocketed blockbusters like Another Miss Oh, Degree of Love, and now she is one of the real actresses.

Lee Se Young – Oh Yeon Seo

Both appeared in the blockbuster “The Journey Of Flower” , but now the careers of the female lead Oh Yeon Seo and the supporting woman Lee Se Young have many differences.

If Oh Yeon Seo almost “died the role” of Tripitaka, Lee Se Young has suddenly become a goddess with the blockbuster The Red Sleeve .

She was even nominated for the prestigious Queen’s Award


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