3 Ongoing K-Dramas Approved To Be The “Best” You Can Watch Despite Not Doing Well In Popularity Or Ratings

Despite the terrible sound quality, these new Korean dramas are of high quality.

The three works below, which were released at the same time as hit series like “Our Blues” and “Tomorrow,” did not pique the curiosity of many audiences, yet they are series of consistent quality, worthy of enjoyment.

My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes” depicts the incredibly boring and tedious life of three siblings who live in the suburbs and commute to Seoul every day for a living.

The series has such a soft, sorrowful cadence that it may make you asleep if you are looking for action and drama. However, if you are an introvert who enjoys films with complex characters, “My Liberation Notes” is a must-see.

The series is largely regarded as the work that signals the return of Kim Ji Won, despite its lack of popularity on social media. The storytelling is nearly perfect, from the color of the film to the scenery to the phrases.

Again My Life

Again My Life” is a series that combines fantasy, action, and detective elements. Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi) is a talented and astute prosecutor in the film.

During the investigation of the corrupt politician, Kim Hee Woo was assassinated by an unknown individual, reincarnated, and went on a path of vengeance.

Despite the appearance of Lee Joon Gi, “Again My Life” did not receive the attention it deserved from the public, but it is still an amazing work worthy of the audience’s delight.

It’s Beautiful Now

It’s Beautiful Now” is a weekend drama on KBS2 that has extraordinarily high ratings, although it is not well-known on social media, in the media, or in other markets. It’s not a big deal; the film is just about a three-generation family with opposing views on marriage.

The Lee family’s three grandsons do not want to marry, and the grandfather has set a goal that whoever marries within six months would be rewarded with an apartment.

With its humorous and intimate nature, the picture deserves to be anticipated and seen with the entire family on the weekend.



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