4 Things We Missed About 2NE1’s Old Promotions That We Witness Again During Their Unexpected Coachella Performance

It’s been a long time, yet when we saw 2NE1 perform, we thought they had just debuted!

K-pop fans all over the world were recently blown away by the entire reunion stage of 4 members of the iconic girl group 2NE1 after 6 years of disband.

It is known that this is a special performance planned by 2NE1‘s leader CL herself for the Coachella music festival in 2022.

Not only did 2NE1 arrive with a 4 lineup, but they also helped the audience remember the glory days of Kpop Gen 2.

Specifically, despite the passage of time, the 4 golden females appear to be devoid of any trace. It’s as though they just debuted yesterday.

Dara’s Hairstyle

Dara with the renowned coconut hairstyle, proving her aesthetics are timeless.

Dara turns 37 years old this year, but having the iconic long mohawk again, she proves she has not aged a day!

CL’s Appearance

CL‘s fierce and edgy appearance has not changed.

CL just never stops being cool.

Park Bom’s Hairstyle and Powerful Vocals

Park Bom has returned with red hairstreaks and powerful vocals.

Fans haven’t seen red-haired Bom dance so joyfully on stage in a long time!

Minzy’s Hairstyle And Dancing Skills

Maknae Minzy with her trademark bob haircut and top-tier dancing.

Minzy always eats up the stage.

Some comments from fans:

  • Dara even lost one of her shoes as a result of her excitement. 2NE1 is unstoppable!
  • I felt goosebumps while watching them perform. Queens, welcome back!
  • I’m sobbing uncontrollably. On stage, no other girl group has the energy that 2NE1 does.
  • Oh my gosh, they’re actually back together. I’m overcome with nostalgia.
  • Each member has a distinct appearance. They truly transport me to the second generation of K-pop.
  • Dara’s hair is so iconic



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