“High Kick Through the Roof” Child Actor Who Cheated On Heri Is All Grown Up Now, And He’s Super Handsome

Can’t believe this is the same young man who “cheated” on Heri in “High Kick Through the Roof“.

Kang Bit, who plays “cheaterJung Gyo Bin, has become a classic name that people are still “criticizing” despite the fact that he only had a minor role in “High Kick Through the Roof“.

Jung Gyo Bin in the series is a “clone” of the bad husband in the hit series “Temptation of Wife,” and despite only being in grade 1, he already understands how to flirt and cheat on girls.

Running away to flirt with Shin Ae
Make Heri fall in love

When Jung Gyo Bin fell in love with Shin Ae (Seo Shin Ae), he caused Heri (Jin Ji Hee) to face heartbreak after only one day of love.

There was an ideal launch pad for Kang Bit‘s acting career, but he did not choose it that year. After 2013, he stopped acting in films and concentrated on his education, eventually becoming a professional dancer and currently working part-time as a choreographer.

Kang Bit‘s reputation lags far behind that of Jin Ji Hee‘s “old love,” yet he is pursuing his dream profession.

Viewers can’t tell what year Kang Bit was born based on his current appearance. He seeks a cool style that fits the dancer’s standard but has a little “dancing“, putting on makeup and clothing in unisex style at times.



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