Sowon Hinted That GFRIEND Was Forced To Disband?

The news of GFRIEND‘s sudden disbandment right in the middle of the peak of their career in May 2021 until now is still a great mystery of Kpop, as well as an inconsolable pain for fans of the former girl group Source Music.

Although the industry has long been buzzing with many rumors about the reason for GFRIEND‘s disbandment, no one can confirm which is the truth unless the members speak out themselves.

In the midst of the peak of its career, GFRIEND suddenly announced their disbandment in May 2021.

Previously,  SinB frankly confessed that the group did not know MAGO would be the last song that GFRIEND would release before disbanding.

The members themselves only knew the news 1 month before the fans, that’s why everyone cried and regretted so much.

SinB’s sharing made fans even more skeptical about the real reason why GFRIEND “disbanded”.

Famous for his strong personality, SinB even cried many times in front of fans when talking about GFRIEND

And recently, when appearing in the April 2022 issue of Big Issue magazine , leader  Sowon  (currently active as actress Kim Sojung) also confessed about GFRIEND as follows: “Since turning old age 21, I’ve spent 8 years with GFRIEND. It’s not easy to part through this time. Neither I nor the members consider this the end of the group. It’s really hard to accept the truth. It’s very sudden news.”

In each sentence, Sowon expressed his regret that GFRIEND could not continue to accompany each other as a group, “I always wanted to become an actor, but I never expected that time to be right now. After we broke up, I struggled a lot emotionally, but I had to move on and create a new path, I couldn’t go on forever. It took a long time for me to accept the truth. And after a year, we’re both adjusting to our own circumstances. Actually, I think I’m the one who has the hardest time adapting to this situation.

After SinB, it was Sowon’s turn to open up about GFRIEND’s disbandment, stating that “it was a sudden decision” that the group did not expect.

Obviously, SinB and Sowon both confirmed that GFRIEND’s disbandment was an unexpected event of the members and the group only knew the news not long before the media officially reported it.

Although not directly mentioning the force behind, anyone can understand that it was the management company that decided to erase the name GFRIEND from the Kpop map suddenly and hastily.

After many shares from the members themselves, fans turned from doubting to confirming that Source Music was the force that “forcedGFRIEND to disband.

After fate, there is love, there is meaning. In countless beautiful and civilized ways of parting, it is not clear which force made Source Music choose for themselves the direction of “draining the train” so much that not only GFRIEND’s fans, even the passing team had to “drunk” bye” without an appointment to see you again?

  • SinB once said that GFRIEND has cried all the tears of a lifetime. Disbandment is not sooner or later, but how to disband, how to treat each other between partners who come up from negative numbers is the core thing.
  • That’s why Source Music’s career is continuous. May it be a storm to leave GFRIEND!
  • The group is really bad, listening to the members share is to know how sad the group was at that time.
  • It’s better to disband the main street, for the last album or event with the fans, it’s still acceptable. What do we get here? Send a few words to Source Music: “Apologizing is your business and never forgiving is our business!”


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