Seo Ye Ji’s Upcoming Drama “Eve” Was Confirmed To Premiere On May

The drama “Eve,” will air in May.

tvN said on April 13 that “Eve” will be aired in May following “The Killer’s Shopping List

Eve” is the most intense and deadly high-quality melodrama revenge that will destroy 0.1 percent of Korea, with 13 years of design and life-threatening revenge.

Seo Ye Ji, Park Byung Eun, Yoo Seon Yu, and Lee Sang Yeop will appear.

In particular, it is drawing attention from many people as it is a return work of Seo Ye Ji, which caused a lot of controversies when the contents of the message exchanged when he was in a relationship with Kim Jung Hyun were released in April last year.

At that time, there were rumors that Seo Ye Ji gaslighted Kim Jung Hyun, and Seo Ye Ji’s agency explained, “This can be seen as a common love fight between actors who are lovers in the industry.

The agency also said that the allegations related to school violence by Seo Ye Ji, which had been raised additionally, were not true.

Later in February, Seo Ye Ji said through her agency, “I had time to look back on myself by looking at the rebuke and countless stories you have given me. I would like to sincerely apologize for causing concern to many people due to my lack,”.

She then vowed, “Everything stems from my immaturity, and I will try to act more carefully and show my mature appearance in the future.”


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