Red Velvet Joy Express Her Gratitude To W Korea Staff For Their Consideration During The Pictorial

Joy showed off her beauty by releasing a pictorial she took with W Korea.

Joy, a member of the group Red Velvet and an actor, released a photoshoot of the Toz 2022 spring and summer collection with W Korea on her Instagram on April 6.

In particular, Joy posted a photo and said, “It was very cold in the unexpected cold weather, but I am really grateful to everyone because I filmed it in a good mood with all the staff’s warm consideration and produced great results.”

Joy in the picture leaned against an old structure on the beach, creating a dreamy and mysterious feeling.

Among the white sand beaches, Joy turned into a main character with a story in the drama, staring somewhere with empty eyes like an actor who appeared in a number of dramas.

Joy in the picture looked at the camera with a languid expression, showing her perfect “completed” beauty.

Joy wore bright sportswear and boasted a refreshing charm with his unique “fruity face.”

In addition, Crush was surprised by her “excellent height” that he was bound to fall in love with.

Meanwhile, Joy has been in a public relationship with Crush since August last year, and the group “Red Velvet” to which Joy belongs made a comeback with its mini-album “The ReVe Festival-Feel My Rhythm” on March 21.

About 227,000 copies of the album were sold in one day, surpassing the initial record of 207,000 copies of the previous album “Queendom.”

Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” album is a pop dance song that samples Bach’s “Aria on Line G,” featuring delicate and elegant string melodies, intense trap beats, and fantastic vocal harmony of the members.


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